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reliefgoods GmbH


Seat Vienna:

c/o Impact Hub Vienna, Lindengasse 56 / 18-19, 1070 Vienna

Business address:

Straubingstrasse 21

4030 Linz
:+43 720 90 60 21


businessManager: Reinhard Antonius Scharner, MSc

Authorized signatory: Michael Mandl


UID: ATU70958207

GISA number: 30383180

Company register number: 451109x

Company court: Vienna Commercial Court

GLN (public administration): 9110023267708

Profession: employment services, IT services

Authority according to ECG (E-Commerce Law): Municipal District Office of the VIIth District

»to the company entry on the WKO website

Contact details of the person responsible for data protection:

Michael Mandl (authorized representative, authorized to represent)

Straubingstrasse 21

4030 Linz
Mobile:+43 720 90 60 21

EU dispute resolution

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